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Van-Swing, swivel module for converted vans

Van-Swing, swivel module for converted vans

SKU: 366615376135191
Bumper depth 20 cm
Rotating circle 90 ° (with bikes), 110 ° (without bikes)
Loading capacity 60 kg ( rack), fits almost all bike racks
Maximum weight to pull Nothing, towing not allowed
Materials Steel (KTL and powder coated)

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Van-Swing swivel module with a hinge on the left side or  on the right side

NEW: The Van-Swing with hinge on the left side is now also available for Ford Transit Custom from 2014.

A known problem with vans is finding a suitable bike rack. Hitch-mounted bike carriers block the rear doors when they need to be opened. The bikes are too heavy for the bike carriers on the rear doors or the hinges and the bikes have to be lifted high.

The perfect solution to this is the Van-Swing swivel module. By adapting the easy swivel module to an existing or to mount trailer hitch, you can use your own bicycle carrier. You don't have to remove your bikes or bike rack when opening the rear doors. The swivel module gives you the option to swivel the bike rack with the bikes open so that you can open both doors.

The Van-Swing uses the existing mounting points on the tow bar. In most cases, the module can be mounted on the existing hitch. If you are wondering if your hitch is suitable, contact your dealer or Memo to check. If there is no hitch fitted yet, we can provide hitches for most vans. The Van-Swing swivel module is not suitable for towing.


The advantage of having the hinge on the right side of the van conversion:
+ Safety, the swivel bar swivels to the curb side and not towards the road.
+ Convenience, the right door opens first, the transporter does not have to be opened fully.

The advantage of having the hinge on the left side of the van conversion:
+ Safety, the swivel bar swivels to the "curb" side and not to the road.
+ Convenience, the right door opens first, the bike rack does not need to be fully opened.

The load capacity of the Van-Swing is 60 kg. This includes the bikes and the bike rack. This means that if the bicycle carrier weighs 15 kg, the bicycles can still weigh a maximum of 45 kg. Is the combination of bikes and bike carriers too heavy? Then we recommend you  the Van-Star bicycle rack , the Van-Star can carry 60 kg of (electric) bicycles.


Since the module is mounted on the hitch, the bike rack is at knee height. This is ideal for heavy bikes, as these will not need to be lifted high. Due to the use of existing mounting points, no modification of the vehicle is necessary. The module is available for all Ducato models from 2006, for Volkswagen T5 and T6, Renault Master from 2003 to 2010 and Ford Transit Custom from 2014. The module can also be fitted to other vehicles and models on request from your dealer, always consult your dealer. The Van-Swing comes with a built-in 13-pin plug to extend the existing plug.

The first in its category to receive European approval!


Please note: the assembly of our products must be carried out by an experienced dealer. This is a complex product that requires experience and the right tools.  Click here for our resellers .

Suitable for vans models:

  • Adria: Twin Axess, Twin Supreme, Twin Plus.
  • Bavaria.
  • Burstner: City Car C, City Car Harmony.
  • Carado: Vlow.
  • Challenger: Vany.
  • Liner: Twist.
  • Citroen: Jumper.
  • Dreamer: Carlife.
  • Fiat: Ducato.
  • Ford: Nugget, Transit.
  • Font Vendome: Duo, Leader, Plaisance.
  • Globecar: Roadscout, Globescout, Campscout, Globestar.
  • Hobby:  Vantana.
  • Hymercar: Ayers Rock, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon.
  • Knaus: Boxstar, Boxlife.
  • Malibu: Van, Van Charming.
  • McLouis: Menfys S, Menfys Prestige.
  • Peugeot: Boxer.
  • Pilot: Van.
  • Pössl: Roadcamp, Roadcruiser, Roadstar, 2Win, Summit.
  • Rapido: Van.
  • Sunlight: Cliff.
  • Weinsberg: CaraTour, CaraBus.
  • Wellhouse.
  • Westfalia: Colombus, Club Joker, Amundsen, Sven Hedin, Nugget.

Is your van or motorhome not on the list? Ask us or your dealer for the possibilities.

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